On The Day

Parking and Transport

There is plenty of parking in the town on Flora Day – as extra car parks are added just for the day. These are Helston Rugby club, Helston Tesco, and Helston Showground.

The map shows all 4 car parks plus the temporary bus stops and the temporary taxi rank.


The Helston Flora Day Stewards take your safety very seriously, and ask that you please note the following.

8ost Children or Vulnerable Adults

Helston can become very crowded on Flora Day.  Please take very close care of children and vulnerable adults.  It is suggested that they carry a contact number for their parent/guardian/assistant (a wristband is ideal for this purpose).  Should you be unable to locate a missing child or vulnerable adult, please notify a Steward or member of the police.

Lost Children Collection Point: The Flora Day Association Event Control Room, beneath the Guildhall, adjacent to Henlys. This will be manned from 6.00 a.m. until 8.00 p.m. and will have ability to contact the emergency services if required.

Uneven Surfaces, Viewing Areas, and Kennels

Flora Day occurs throughout the length and breadth of Helston, which has many uneven surfaces, that could also become slippery when wet.  Please only view the dance from a position that is safe to do so and please take care, particularly on cobbled surfaces and near kerbs of pavements.  In addition, Helston is famous for its street-side “Kennels” – water channels running along the edges of several streets.  Although the water is turned off for Flora Day, visitors are asked to be aware of their presence, particularly in Coinagehall and Church Streets.

Personal belongings

Please ensure you take care of your possessions at all times, and do not leave bags unattended.  Any suspicious articles should be reported to a Steward or the police.

First Aid

St John’s personnel are mobile throughout the Town, and ambulances are in attendance.  Please contact the Flora Day Booklet stall (beside the Guildhall) for further information.


Dog owners are advised that Helston can become very crowded, particularly in the centre during the Midday Dance, which might be frightening for dogs. Dogs should be kept on leads, and under close control at all times.  Please respect people who might be nervous of dogs around them, and ensure that all dog poo is picked up and disposed of correctly. 

Road Closures and Barriers:

The roads in the centre of Helston will be closed to all traffic except emergency services during most of the day (see signs for specific timings). All Barriers will be manned by qualified operatives and we ask that you respect their instructions. We have to take this action  to ensure your safety.