Flora Day 2018 takes place on Tuesday 8th May!

At Midday the elegant dance leaves the Guildhall just as the Town Clock strikes twelve. The men dressed in top hats and tails escort their colourful and beautifully dressed ladies in the steps of the processional dance, weaving through the streets and buildings to the delight of the vast crowds.

The heroes of the day are of course the Helston Town Band who play the traditional tune as only they know how. Many of them process with the dancers on four occasions during the day around the four mile route, maintaining the rhythm and beat and sound that comes and goes throughout the day.

The streets of Helston echo to the sounds of enjoyment and happiness in celebration of a tradition that is steeped in history and receives such support and enthusiasm. Helston family members and friends will travel the world to be in the town for May 8th. We will welcome you to come and join them.

Details of the Dances :-

Morning Dance : Starts from the Guildhall at 7am

The Hal-an-Tow : Starts on St John's Bridge at 8:30am

The Children's Dance : Starts from Wendron Street at 9:40am

The Midday Dance : Starts from the Guildhall at 12 noon

The Evening Dance : Starts from the Guildhall at 5pm

Parking :-

There is plenty of parking in the town on Flora Day - as extra car parks are added just for the day. For Flora Day 2018 these are Helston Football Club, Helston Cricket Club, Helston Rugby Club and Helston Showground.